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Pokemon GO Nearby feature is a new system for tracking Pokemon in the game. It’s still in the testing stage and is available in only a few select locations in the United States. The feature has now been expanded to new areas of the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Pokemon Go Nearby Tracking Feature Expanded

Nearby Tracking Feature in Pokemon GO Expanded

Pokemon GO’s Nearby tracking feature is a new game mechanic used to find Pokemon in the game. This system allows you to look up PokeStops in your vicinity. In the lower right corner, you can see which Pokemon is near any given PokeStop. Now, ever since the Sightings system replaced the three-step system, trainers have been clamoring for a different in-game mechanic. At least the three-step system worked, even if it wasn’t the most reliable. The Sightings system is even more imprecise, that is, if you can even get it to work. So, the Nearby feature sounds like the optimal solution to those ailments.

Now, the only issue is that the Pokemon GO Nearby tracking feature isn’t available everywhere. It’s geo-locked to the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle and Arizona. At least, until now. Starting from November 22nd, Niantic developers decided to expand the feature to new areas of the United States and even to other countries. Here’s the list of locations that now have access to Nearby tracking:

  • United States of America: All states west of the Mississippi River (except Hawaii and Alaska)
  • Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the western half of Ontario.
  • Australia: All states and territories
Niantic will continue to collect feedback from trainers and keep updating and tweaking the feature as more data comes in. Their aim is keep expanding the feature until every trainer has access to it. So, those of you who have access to the system now, we hope you enjoy it. As for the rest of us, well, we can only patiently wait and fumble with the Sightings.

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