Drifloon Spotlight Hour – Pokemon Go

Every Tuesday brings Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, and this week the focus is on Drifloon. In this event, one Pokemon gets the star treatment and is highlighted. This includes increased spawn rates and lots of extra prizes. It does only last for one exclusive hour, so preparation is vital. Read on as we discuss Drifloon Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go and how to catch that rare shiny Pokemon

Drifloon Spotlight Hour – Pokemon Go
Drifloon Spotlight Hour – Pokemon Go

This Tuesday, October 5th, Drifloon gets its turn in the Pokemon Go Spotlight. Drifloon is a ghost/flying type Pokemon. It evolves into Drifblim. Created by the souls of lost Pokemon and children, this spooky balloon is a great addition to any pokedex.

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The event lasts one hour, starting at 6 pm local time and ending at 7 pm. As well as plenty of Drifloon floating about with increased spawn rates, you can also bag 2 x evolution XP. This makes it a very lucrative spotlight hour.

Pokemon Go Shiny Drifloon

Shiny Pokemon appear around once every 450 encounters. That makes these variants extremely rare. However, with so many types of Pokemon around in spotlight hour, this makes it the best time to try and catch one.

Not every Pokemon has a shiny variant, but Drifloon does. Start by stocking up on pokeballs, lures and berries before you go hunting. When the spotlight hour starts, try to find a nest and face as many as you can.

Lay down lures to increase spawn rates. If the shiny Pokemon comes, use berries and your best pokeballs to catch it. Its evolution Drifblim can also be shiny, so if you catch one you can evolve it with candies.

This event is part of a Halloween spotlight focus. October sees a host of ghost Pokemon get a focus. Check back here for updates on the weekly spotlights and challenges.

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