Find Detonator at Stadium DMZ

In order to celebrate the launch of Season 4 in CoD Warzone 2, a new community event has been released. This event is called Assault on Vondel. As its name suggests, it is made up of a number of challenges across Vondel the new map. These challenges are divided into several different types, and they all take place around the various major landmarks of Vondel. Besides being fun, their purpose is to get players acquainted with the layout of the new map. One such challenge is to find the Detonator at the Stadium in the DMZ. We are here to show you where you should look for it.

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Find Detonator at Stadium DMZ
Find Detonator at Stadium DMZ

DMZ Stadium Detonator Location

The first step is to make your way to the Stadium itself. It is located in the southern end of the map, above the Cruise Terminal, with the Zoo to the west of it, and the Museum to the east. It is a low threat level area, so – hopefully – you shouldn’t have too much trouble with enemies there. Once you get there, enter the Stadium and go to the stands. Specifically, you are looking for the concession stand there at the south of the Stadium. The Detonator is there, on the counter inside. We have marked this location in our screenshots which you can find directly below.

Note, however, that the Detonator can spawn at a different location at the Stadium. So while we have managed to find it here, that doesn’t mean that it is going to appear at the same spot for you. Though, you should definitely check this spot as well to see if you have gotten the same result as us. If you are interested in other Detonator locations, we have also written guides that show where to find the Detonator at the Museum, the Castle Detonator, the Zoo Detonator, the Detonator at the University, and the Detonator at the Graveyard.

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