Pokemon GO Festival of Lights 2022 Field Research Tasks & Rewards

The Pokemon GO Festival of Lights 2022 Field Research tasks and rewards have been announced, and we’re here to share them with you. We’ll provide you with a list of all the tasks and what you get for completing them. Hint: it’s encounters with different interesting Pokemon! So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

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pokemon go festival of lights 2022 field research tasks & rewards
Pokemon GO Festival of Lights 2022 Field Research Tasks & Rewards

Festival of Lights Pokemon GO Field Research Tasks and Rewards 2022

We are going to list all the Field Research tasks and rewards from the 2022 Pokemon GO Festival of Lights below. There are only six, and all of them are fairly easy, and most of them can be done really quickly. This makes sense, considering that the event is only going to last from October 14th to October 17th at 10 am local time. There are some really interesting Pokemon on this list, some of which are really, really rare. Well, they’re rare in my neck of the woods, so I’m excited. Anyways, here are the tasks and rewards!

  • Catch five Pokemon – an encounter with Chinchou
  • Catch ten Pokemon – an encounter with Blitzle
  • Catch fifteen Pokemon – an encounter with Morelull
  • Power up Pokemon five times – an encounter with Dedenne
  • Hatch an Egg – an encounter with Galarian Ponyta
  • Send five gifts to friends and add a sticker to each of them – an encounter with either Electabuzz or Magmar

So, yeah, those are the Field Research tasks and encounter rewards in the 2022 Festival of Lights in Pokemon GO. Mind you, there’s plenty else in the event to enjoy. For one, Morelull and Shiinotic are making their Pokemon GO debut. Then, there are many interesting Pokemon that will be spawning in wild encounters, incense encounters and Raids. Aside from those listed above, you can also look forward to the likes of Litleo, Galarian and regular Darumaka, Hisuian Braviary, and many, many more.

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