Pokemon GO Furfrou Forms, Change & Unlock All Trims 2022

In our Pokemon GO Furfrou Forms, Change & Unlock All Trims 2022 guide, we are going to show you how to get your hands on all the various different versions of this Pokemon. After all, Fashion Week 2022 is beginning in Pokemon GO soon, which means that Furfrou will be appearing all over the place. So, if you’re a Pokedex completionist, I think you’ll find all the help you’ll need here.

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pokemon go furfrou forms change & unlock all trims 2022
Pokemon GO Furfrou Forms, Change & Unlock All Trims 2022

How to Change Furfrou Forms in Pokemon GO

In order to change the Furfrou forms in Pokemon GO, you have to have ten thousand Stardust and twenty-five Candies. Then, go into your Pokemon storage and find the Furfrou you want to change. Select it, and you’ll find the “Change Form” button instead of “Evolve.” Pick that, and the game will show you a list of all Furfrou Trims available to you. Choose the one you want, and there you have it. That’s all there is to it. There is a total of nine different versions; ten if you count the standard, Natural trim. It always spawns in that form, and then you have to change the coat design manually. Furfrou has no evolutions, by the way.

How to Unlock All Furfrou Forms Pokemon GO

In order to unlock all Furfrou forms, or trims, in Pokemon GO, you either have to travel the world or get very lucky in trading with people. Why? Because certain Furfrou trims in Pokemon GO are restricted to certain region. You can read more about that in our Best Furfrou Forms guide, but here’s the quick rundown in the list below. The other fur designs are available worldwide. The only other catch is with the Heart trim, which is only available during the Valentine’s Day event. And, yes, every trim has its shiny version. However, none of the trims have their separate Pokedex entries.

  • Debutante – exclusive to the Americas
  • Diamond – exclusive to Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • Kabuki – exclusive to Japan
  • La Reine – exclusive to France
  • Pharaoh – exclusive to Egypt
  • Star – exclusive to the Asia-Pacific
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