How to Get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

Figuring out how to get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO is a bit of a chore. It’s a whole process, and it involves getting gifts from Trainers worldwide. If you’re having trouble with catching Scatterbug, and I don’t blame you if you do, then this guide is the right place for you. Here’s what you need to do.

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how to get scatterbug in pokemon go
How to Get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

How to Catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO

To catch Scatterbug in Pokemon GO, you first need to earn an encounter with one. How do you do that? By pinning Postcards from Trainers that are your friends. You tap on their gift to see the postcard, and then you tap the pin icon to place it into the Postcard Book. The problem is that you get diminishing returns from getting postcards from the same region. You first need three postcards, then nine, then fifteen to get an encounter with Scatterbug. This system encourages you to obtain postcards from all around the world, which is what you need to do anyway to gain access to the different patterns of Vivillon. You can read more about it in our Vivillon guide or the official website.

So, that’s how you get Scatterbug in Pokemon GO. Now, as far as how you evolve it, that’s as simple as it gets. You give it twenty-five Scatterbug Candies to turn it into the disgustingly-named Spewpa. Then, you gather a hundred Scatterbug Candies to evolve Spewpa into Vivillon. The Vivillon will have the pattern corresponding to the region the Scatterbug was from (or, rather, where the postcards came from). There’s a total of eighteen different patterns that you can unlock, which is quite the task. I envy the patience and resilience of anyone that commits so hard. If you want help on this journey, check out our guide that I’ve linked above.

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