How to Get Sylveon Pokemon GO 2022

If you’re struggling with how to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO in 2022, we’ve got your back. There is, in fact, more than one way to obtain Sylveon in the game, and we’re gonna break them all down in this guide. It’s nothing too complicated, once you know what you have to do. Let’s get into the details.

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how to get sylveon pokemon go 2022
How to Get Sylveon Pokemon GO 2022

How to Get Sylveon in Pokemon GO 2022

There are two ways to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO in 2022. Well, three if you count encountering it in Raids, defeating it and catching it afterwards. However, that’s not the most reliable method, so we’ll ignore it. Still, it’s good to know that this Pokemon can sometimes appear in Raids. The first way to obtain Sylveon is to take an Eevee and change its nickname to Kira. Yes, it’s similar to how you get Umbreon and Espeon. Once you alter the nickname, simply give that Pokemon 25 Eevee Candies and trigger the evolution. If you’ve done everything correctly, you’ll now have a Sylveon. The downside is that you can only do this once. Every other Sylveon you get has to be “legit.”

The “proper” way to evolve Sylveon in Pokemon GO in 2022 (and in general) is a much longer process. You have to set the Eevee you want to become the Fairy-type as your Buddy Pokemon, and then level it all the way up to seventy hearts, aka the friendship level of Great Buddy. Unless you feed your Buddy a Poffin, you can obtain up to twelve hearts per day. So, that’s at least six days of grinding out hearts. For more info on how to do do that, check out our How to Get Best Buddy in Pokemon GO guide. Once you reach seventy hearts, give the Pokemon 25 Eevee Candies and boom, you have a Sylveon.

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