How to Dive Fall Guys Xbox, PC, Switch, PS4

In our How to Dive Fall Guys Xbox, PC, Switch, PS4 guide, we’ll show you what the dive button is on all of these platforms. We’re also going to give you a tip on how to make your dive more efficient by pressing one extra button just before. Let’s begin!

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how to dive fall guys xbox pc switch ps4
How to Dive Fall Guys Xbox, PC, Switch, PS4

How to Dive in Fall Guys Xbox, PC, Switch, PS4

To dive in Fall Guys on Xbox, PC, Switch and PS4 (and PS5), you have to press the button appropriate for your platform. Said button is X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation, Y on the Nintendo Switch and Ctrl on PC, if you’re using a keyboard. If you’re playing on PC but using a controller, then it’s gonna be whatever is the equivalent of the X or the Square. Obviously, these are the default controls; if you’ve changed them around, then your dive button might be something else. Can’t really help you with that.

Now that we know what the dive button is, we still have one more tip. You can dive at any time you want, but if you do it while just running, then your character will just kinda face-plant into the ground. It’s not gonna do much for you. So, when you dive in Fall Guys, be it on Xbox, PC, Switch, or PS4, consider jumping first. The button for that is A on Xbox, X on PlayStation, Space on the keyboard on PC, and B on the Nintendo Switch. If you jump before doing a dive, you’ll gain much more ground.

So, that about does it for this guide. We have a number of other articles about Fall Guys and their new Free for All update if you need help with anything else. We’ve written stuff like Team Rounds in Squads Show, Link Fall Guys to Epic Games Account, and Get Kudos in Fall Guys Free For All.

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