Pokemon GO Giratina Form Change & Differences

In our Pokemon GO Giratina Form Change & Differences guide we are going to show you the differences between the Altered Forme Giratina and Origin Forme Giratina. We are also going to tell you whether you can change between the two Giratina forms. Both of these Pokemon are very powerful, so it’s worth knowing everything about them. So, let’s dive in.

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pokemon go giratina form change & differences
Pokemon GO Giratina Form Change & Differences

Pokemon GO Giratina Forms Differences

Before we get to talking about whether you can change its form, let’s discuss the differences between the Giratina forms in Pokemon GO. They are similar in most aspects. They have the same Stamina of 284. Their movesets are also identical: Shadow Claw (Ghost) and Dragon Breath (Dragon) as Quick Attacks and Dragon Claw (Dragon), Shadow Sneak (Ghost) and Ancient Power (Rock) as Charged Attacks. The differences emerge in the Attack and Defense stats. Origin Giratina has an Attack of 225 and Defense of 187. The numbers are reversed in Altered Forme Giratina. Therefore, Altered Giratina has a lower Max CP of 3379 versus Origin’s 3683. It’s up to you decide which fits best for you. Having them both is best, of course. That brings us to our next point…

Can You Change Giratina Form in Pokemon GO

Now that we know the differences between the Giratina forms in Pokemon GO, can you change its form? The answer, sadly, is no. Despite the name, Altered Forme Giratina and Origin Forme Giratina are two different Pokemon. The same goes for any and all other Pokemon that have different Forme. You can’t simply catch a, say, Altered Forme Giratina and then evolve it into the Origin Forme, or anything like that. You have to catch both. At the moment, Altered Giratina is in five-star Raids, and Origin Forme will replace it soon. And both of them can be shiny. Check out our Giratina Altered Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset and Shiny Giratina Altered guides if you need more information on all that.

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