Pokemon GO Travel & Global Catch Challenge Event Announced

The Pokemon GO Global Catch Challenge event has been announced, along with the accompanying video series, called Pokemon GO Travel. The challenge is to catch a jaw-dropping three billion Pokemon. The more Pokemon trainers worldwide catch, the more rewards get unlocked. These include double XP, double Stardust, and even regional Pokemon appearing around the world.

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Pokemon GO Travel & Global Catch Challenge Event Announced
Pokemon GO Travel & Global Catch Challenge Event Announced

Niantic is preparing yet another world-wide event that’s going to end in a special Safari Zone happening. This time, it’s called the Global Catch Challenge. To accompany the event, they’re planning a new video series, called Pokemon GO Travel. If you decide to watch it, you’re going to be privy to the adventures of several influential trainers as they explore Japan and host the Global Catch Challenge. One can only hope that they’ve learned from the previous global event and are going to organize things better this time.

So, what does this Global Catch Challenge mean for us regular trainers? Well, the challenge for all of us worldwide is to catch three billion Pokemon in a week. Specifically, from November 20th to November 26th. As trainers catch Pokemon, different rewards will unlock. Catching 500 million nets Double XP and six-hour Lures, plus “more Pokemon appearing globally.” If we catch 1.5 billion, we’ll get the double XP and the Lures, as well as double Stardust and “even more Pokemon appearing globally.” Lastly, catching three billion we get all of the above, plus Farfecth’d will appear worldwide for 48 hours, and Kangaskhan will be available in East Asia, also for 48 hours.

As we’ve already mentioned, the event will end on November 26th, with a Pokemon GO Safari Zone event. It will take place in Tottori, Japan. I do have my concerns with this one, if I’m being honest. Aside from Niantic’s history of organizing large events, I mean. The thing is, the player base has been dropping consistently, with people being more and more disinterested in the game. The EX Raids and their myriad of problems did nothing to mitigate this. I doubt (but hope) that this event will bring some people back, at least for a while.

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