Joltik Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Joltik August 2022

Looking for information about Joltik Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO? Developer Niantic has unveiled the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule for August 2022, and the next Pokemon in line for this week is Joltik. In this guide, we outline the exact Joltik Spotlight Hour time, as well as details about its Shiny version, and more.

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Joltik Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Joltik August 2022
When is Joltik Spotlight Hour in August 2022?

Pokemon GO Joltik Spotlight Hour

Spotlight Hours are the favourite time of many Pokemon GO fans, as that’s when they will have an increased opportunity to catch a featured pokemon. Spotlight Hours are reserved for Tuesdays each week. And on Tuesday, August 16th, Joltik will be the featured pokemon. This Attaching Bug pokemon will be the third one to be featured in August. Joltik Spotlight Hour will start at 6:00 PM, your local time. As the name implies, the increased chance to catch this pokemon will be limited to just an hour. Thus, the spotlight will end at 7:00 PM local time.

Can Joltik Be Shiny?

Unfortunately, we have some bad news here. No, there will be no Shiny Joltik during this spotlight hour. However, Joltik’s spawn rate will be drastically increased. Thus, you can try to catch as many as you can during this hour. Then you can hopefully evolve it into Galvantula, though you will need 50 candies for the procedure. If your plan is to catch as many as you can, make sure to have enough Poké Balls and Pinap Berries before the Spotlight Hour begins. Asides from the increased Joltik’s spawn rate, the event also comes with a double Candy bonus for successful catches.

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