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Not sure how to get Jewelry Gift in Merge Mansion during Ursula’s Birthday Party event? Here you’ll find everything you need to know. The latest Merge Mansion event comes with an abundance of new items for players to collect and merge, all themed around birthday parties and celebrations. And of course, there is no proper birthday party without a birthday cake! However, in order to make a birthday cake, you’ll need to get some specific items first, such as a Wristwatch (Jewelry Gift Level 5)and a Cake Knife. For this, you’ll also need a Birthday Gift Box. Read on to find out all the details.

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Merge Mansion Jewelry Gift Wristwatch
How to get a Wristwatch in Merge Mansion?

How to Get Jewelry Gift in Merge Mansion

As with all special events in Merge Mansion, Ursula’s Birthday Party has introduced a series of new items players will need to collect and merge in order to get new rewards and decorations for their Mansion. It has also come with a host of new tasks which will drive players to create new items and explore possible merge options. As this is a birthday party event, one of the main items is a good old Birthday Cake. In order to craft a Birthday Cake, you’ll need a Cake Knife, which is an essential fuel for this item. When it comes to the second item, you can choose between either Young Ursula’s Swag or Wristwatch, which is a Jewelry Gift Level 5.

Thus, if you want to get a Wristwatch, you’ll first need to grind a lot of Jewelry Gifts and work your way towards your Jewelry Gift Level 5 reward. Jewellery Gifts are dropped from a Birthday Gift Box Level 3. You will get a Level 1 Birthday Gift Box as a reward for finishing a task from the secondary task list. So there you have it, now you know all the items you need in order to get a Merge Mansion Jewelry Gift and a Wristwatch (Jewelry Gift Level 5).

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