Mega Blastoise Best Moveset, Weakness, Counters in Pokemon GO

Knowing the Mega Blastoise best moveset, weakness and counters in Pokemon GO is going to be important from May 10th to May 25th, 2022, since that’s when this Pokemon is going to be the star of Mega Raids. You’re gonna want to participate in these raids, because the best Charged Move Mega Blastoise can have is an Elite TM. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this guide, in which we’ll give you all the info you’ll need to emerge victorious.

mega blastoise best moveset weakness counters in pokemon go
Mega Blastoise Best Moveset, Weakness, Counters in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Mega Blastoise Best Moveset

We’re going to dive into the best moveset for Mega Blastoise in Pokemon GO before getting into its weakness and counters, and you’ll see why in a second. Without a doubt, the best combo is Water Gun (Water) as the Quick Attack and Hydro Cannon (Water) as the Charged Attack. Now, Hydro Cannon is an Elite TM. In practice, that means that it’s “easiest” to get by capturing Mega Blastoise from a Raid. That’s why it’s so important to try and do so.

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The only other Quick Move on offer here is Bite (Dark), which is just not as good. As for Charged Moves, Mega Blastoise can also have Hydro Pump (Water), Ice Beam (Ice), Skull Bash (Normal), Flash Cannon (Steel), Frustration (Normal, Shadow) and Return (Normal, Purified). Some of these can be pretty useful, but none are as good as Hydro Cannon, to be frank.

Mega Blastoise Weakness & Counters in Pokemon GO

Now that we’ve gone through the best moveset of Mega Blastoise in Pokemon GO, let’s discuss its weakness and counters so that you can defeat it in the Mega Raids. Being a Water-type Pokemon, it’s very vulnerable to Electric and Grass attacks, taking 160% damage from them. On the flip side, it only takes a little over 60% damage from Water, Fire, Ice and Steel attacks, so avoid those. Here are some ideas on which Pokemon to use as counters against Mega Blastoise.

  • Mega Venusaur with Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant
  • Mega Manectric with Thunder Fang and Wild Charge
  • Therian Thundurus with Thunder Shock or Volt Switch and Thunderbolt
  • Zekrom with Charge Beam and Wild Charge
  • Zarude with Vine Whip and Power Whip
  • Electivire (Shadow or Regular) with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge
  • Roserade with Razor Leaf and Solar Beam or Grass Knot
  • Mega Abomasnow with Razor Leaf and Energy Ball
  • Raikou (Shadow or Regular) with Thunder Shock or Volt Switch and Wild Charge
  • Zapdos (Shadow or Regular) with Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
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