Numel Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Numel May 2022

In our Numel Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Numel May 2022, we’re going to break down all the info you need to make the most of the event. It’s definitely not one of the most engaging Spotlight Hours that we’ve ever seen, but still. Might as well make the most of it, right? Let’s dive in.

numel spotlight hour pokemon go shiny numel may 2022
Numel Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Numel May 2022

Pokemon GO Numel Spotlight Hour

The Pokemon GO Numel Spotlight Hour is going to begin on May 10th at 6 PM local time, and will end on the same date at 7 PM local time. This is, of course, standard practice for these events, but it bears mentioning. You never know which Spotlight Hour might be somebody’s first. During the event, Numel is going to be spawning way more often (we’ll get to the matter of whether it can be shiny or not in the next section). On top of that, you’ll also get twice the Transfer Candy while the event lasts. Not the most exciting of bonuses, but hey, you’ll be able to evolve your Numels into Camerupts more quickly. Now for a bit of a disappointment…

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Can Numel Be Shiny?

No, Numel cannot be shiny in Pokemon GO at the time of writing, and that will be the case during the Spotlight Hour event. However, according to this post about the 2022 Pokemon GO Fest, that won’t be the case for much longer. Apparently, a shiny version of Numel will make its debut then, along with a few others, and all of them will be available for all Trainers, regardless of whether you have a ticket or not. Unfortunately, the festival begins on June 2nd, meaning that you shouldn’t expect to see the special Numel on May 10th. It’s a bummer; maybe the devs should have shuffled the schedule around a bit so that we could get shiny Numels during the Spotlight Hour. As it stands, we can forget about it this time around.

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