Pokemon GO water festival is over but Magikarp is still here

The Water Festival hit the world of Pokemon Go around the World Water Day, March 22, bringing with itself an increased spawn potential for water Pokemon. It was a fun little idea of finding water-based Pokemon near water. Crazy!

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.”

The golden Magikarp and the red Gyarados were introduced during the festival and included their ‘shiny’ variants. The developer Niantic has confirmed on Twitter that even though the event has finished “the rare golden Magikarp are still out there. Keep an eye out, Trainers!” Sounds like a call to action!

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All this ‘shiny’ craziness should mean that other ‘shiny’ Pokémon will be showing their face (hide…scales?) in the future. Hopefully, Niantic will be presenting the shiny versions as a natural way of progression, via events such as the Water Festival that just finished. It is, after all, time for the endgame.

There is the potential of Niantic introducing a trading system. The advantages and disadvantages of this can be easily deduced – rare Pokémon would be increasingly more valuable and sold for an increasingly questionable amount of cash.

The next potentially great period for this game is Easter – it is spring time in the Northern hemisphere, after all, and people are looking forward to going out some more. What better time to hang out with your Pokémon collection! Especially now that every step in the wild brings potential new shiny Pokémon for you to find. It would be weird for an experienced developer such as Niantic not to use this opportunity and create some new, worthy events for their fans, such as the just finished Water Festival.

Pokémon GO brought a huge change into the understanding of games as a passive kind of fun. Some people started walking miles upon miles every day, just because of this game. Others went out and conquered their fears of talking with other people. It would be a shame if Niantic did not build upon this.

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