ESO Plucking the Crow - Witches Festival 2021

The ESO Witches Festival 2021 has begun, and among the new content that you will be able to undertake during this event is the “Plucking the Crow” daily quest. You will be tasked with collecting 50 Cursed Feathers. These are found within Plunder Skulls, and you get these whenever you defeat a Boss monster. After you collect 50 Cursed Feathers, you can transform these into an effigy, which you can then use to go to a special new realm and battle a new boss there. However, there are a couple of a things that you will need to know about this beforehand, as our ESO Plucking the Crow – Witches Festival 2021 guide will show you.

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ESO Plucking the Crow - Witches Festival 2021

How to Get Plunder Skulls – ESO Witches Festival

You get Plunder Skulls from defeating Boss monsters. As you can see in our Plunder Skulls ESO guide, you can get a lot of great unique items this way. If you want to farm these items, you should go to the places in the game where Bosses spawn. You don’t even have to kill the Boss, all you need to do is to hit it at least once and let the other players finish it off. You will still get your prize even if you do it like that.

Plucking the Crow Daily Quest – ESO Witches Festival

This is a daily quest. This means that you can undertake it once per day, per character, for the duration of the Witches Festival 2021 event (until November 2nd, at 10 AM EDT). You will receive it from Witchmother Taerma, who is at Olyve’s Brewery, and also at every Impresario tent across Tamriel. Something very important to note here – be sure to pick this quest up before going to grind for Plunder Skulls. If you do this without getting the “Plucking the Crow” beforehand, you won’t get the Cursed Feathers from the Plunder Skulls.

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