Pokemon GO Ruby or Sapphire Choice in Primal Rumblings Event

The Pokemon GO Ruby or Sapphire choice in the Primal Rumblings event Special Research determines which Pokemon you’re going to encounter for the rest of the event. That is the only thing it affects; you won’t miss out on anything else. That being said, we are going to tell you which Pokemon you’ll be able to catch depending on which option you choose.

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pokemon go ruby or sapphire choice in primal rumblings event
Pokemon GO Ruby or Sapphire Choice in Primal Rumblings Event

Choose Ruby or Sapphire in Pokemon GO Primal Rumblings Special Research

The choice between Ruby or Sapphire in the Pokemon GO Primal Rumblings Special Research is entirely up to your personal preferences. Neither of the two is better per se; the only difference is between which Pokemon you’re going to encounter. If you go with Sapphire, you will see “a wave of Primal Kyogre in Primal Raids,” according to the game’s official Twitter account. On top of that, you will have an increase in wild spawns of Minun, Illumise, Wailmer, Lunatone and Castform (Rainy Form). Those that pick Ruby will instead encounter Primal Groudon in Primal Raids, and wild spawns of Plusle, Volbeat, Trapinch, Solrock and Castform (Sunny Form).

So, yeah, those are the differences in the Pokemon GO Primal Rumblings Special Research Ruby or Sapphire choice. Like I said, it’s not that one is better than the other by default, you’ll just get to encounter completely different Pokemon. Go in whichever direction sounds better to you. By the way, you need to complete both steps of the Primal Rumblings Special Research to earn a ticket. This ticket allows you to pick between Sapphire or Ruby and receive the corresponding medal. Personally, I wish that there was some method to have it both ways, but unfortunately, you can’t. You must choose. Out of the two groups, you should go with the one that has Pokemon you don’t already have. That’s really the only advice I can give you.

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