Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO 2023

The prospect of a shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO in 2023 might be interesting for some of you. I mean, it’s always interesting to hunt for an ultra-rare version of a Pokemon. However, the real question is this: can Helioptile even be shiny in this game? Well… I’m afraid the news is not the best.

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shiny helioptile in pokemon go 2023
Shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO 2023

Can Helioptile Be Shiny in Pokemon GO

EDIT: With the arrival of the Crackling Voltage Event on January 27th 2023, you’ll be able to catch a shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO. True, it’ll still be relatively rare, but it’s nice that the adorable Pokemon now has a special version. Original text follows.

No, Helioptile can’t be shiny in Pokemon GO at this point of 2022. As it stands right now, odds are pretty slim that it’s going to happen this year. At some point in the future? Perhaps, we’ll have to wait and see. For now, however, the cute floppy-eared Pokemon does not have a special version. Neither does its evolution, Heliolisk. If you do want to farm Helioptile, though, then this year’s Festival of Light will be a good time to do so. It’s going to be spawning in wild encounters more frequently, along with Chinchou, Dedenne and the debutante Morelull. It’s gonna be a fun time. Keep in mind that the Festival will last from October 14th to October 17th.

So, yeah, that’s all there is to say about the shiny Helioptile in Pokemon GO. It’s a bummer, I know, but at least it’s one less super-rare Pokemon you have to hunt down to complete the Pokedex. Incidentally, if you are planning to farm Helioptile during the Festival to evolve a Heliolisk, do keep in mind that you’ll need a Sun Stone on top of fifty Candies. Now, I do have to mention that Helioptile does have a shiny version in other games. Its entire body is red instead of yellow. So, if you run into them at some point in the future, know that you’ve come across a very special Helioptile. We’ll be sure to update the guide if that ever happens.

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