Best Vaporeon Tera Raid Build Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In our Best Vaporeon Tera Raid Build Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide, we are going to show you how to prepare the Water evolution of Eevee for the Greninja Tera Raid. We are going to cover every aspect of the build; by the end, you will have a Pokemon that can take Greninja out with relative ease. So, let’s begin!

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best vaporeon tera raid build pokemon scarlet and violet
Best Vaporeon Tera Raid Build Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Best Vaporeon Build for Greninja Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The best Vaporeon build for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Greninja Tera Raid begins with its Tera Type. Now, in this case, you want it to be Ground, due to Greninja’s weaknesses. Change its nature to Modest to raise the Special Attack at the cost of the regular Attack. Use a Modest Mint if necessary. As for the Special Ability, like with Clodsire, you want to go with Water Absorb. That way, it will get HP back instead of losing it whenever Greninja uses Water attacks. You can change it using an Ability Capsule. When it comes to Held Items, there are several options, but one of the best is the Covert Cloak from the Delibird in Levincia. It protects from enemy additional effects.

Continuing with the best Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Vaporeon best build for the Greninja Tera Raid, the moveset should include Stored Power, Calm Mind, Wish and Tera Blast. You can get Wish as an Egg Move from Floette. The other three are learned by using TMs, which is a pretty simple process in Scarlet and Violet. As long as you have the crafting materials, that is. Naturally, you’ll have to level the Vaporeon up to 100, and train its HP and Special Attack to 252 and Defense to about 4. Of course, Hyper Training is also a necessity. And that about covers it all. If you have a build that you think might work better, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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