Stunky Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Stunky April 2022

The Pokemon GO Shiny Stunky April 2022 Spotlight Hour event is almost here, so Trainers best prepare themselves accordingly. That’s why we’ve decided to write this guide, to help you get ready. We’ll show you what to expect from the Pokemon GO April Spotlight Hour today, whether or not Stunky can be shiny, what the event bonus is, etc.

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stunky spotlight hour pokemon go shiny stunky april 2022
Stunky Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO, Shiny Stunky April 2022

Pokemon GO Stunky Spotlight Hour

The Pokemon GO Stunky April 2022 Spotlight Hour today is going to take place on Tuesday, April 5th, between 6 PM and 7 PM local time. That’s always the case, of course, but any Spotlight Hour can be somebody’s first, so we have to cover all our bases. While the event lasts, Stunky is going to spawn more often, both in its regular and shiny form (more on that in the next section). While the event lasts, you’ll also get double Transfer Candy. In other words, you’ll get twice the Candy for transferring your extra Pokemon over to Professor Willow, who I’m sure doesn’t manufacture those Candies by processing living Pokemon. Try to get that thought out of your head.

Can Stunky Be Shiny?

Yes, Stunky can be shiny in Pokemon GO, so the April 2022 spotlight hour is going to be a great time to hunt one or more down. Even if you already have a shiny Stunky in storage, might as well nab another, because why not, right? I mean, you can always use an extra shiny to evolve into Skuntank, if for no other reason. In case that you haven’t yet found a shiny Stunky, don’t worry, you’ll spot them pretty easily. Unlike the regular version, which just looks like a regular skunk, the shiny variant is a maroon/burgundy color. If you see one, you’ll definitely know whether or not it’s shiny. Happy hunting!

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