Pokemon GO Tapu Koko Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset

In our Pokemon GO Tapu Koko Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset guide, we are going to cover all the major points of fighting and building this Pokemon. Tapu Koko will be in five-star Raids from January 25th to February 1st, 2023, which isn’t that wide of a window. You’ll need all the help you can get, which is why we’ve decided to write this article.

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pokemon go tapu koko weakness counters & best moveset
Pokemon GO Tapu Koko Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset

Pokemon GO Tapu Koko Counters & Weakness

We will begin by analyzing the best counters for Tapu Koko in Pokemon GO and its weakness, and then cover its ideal moveset. Now, this Pokemon actually has two major weaknesses: Poison and Ground attacks. Both of these deal 160% damage to Tapu Koko. So, those are what you should focus on. In the list below, we’ll give you a number of different Pokemon you should use in this fight.

  • Primal Groudon (or regular) with Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Mega Gengar with Lick and Sludge Bomb
  • Shadow Mamoswine (or regular) with Mud-Slap and High Horsepower
  • Nihilego with Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb
  • Mega Beedril with Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb
  • Excadrill with Mud-Slap and Drill Run
  • Rhyperior with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Garchomp with Mud Shot and Earth Power
  • Therian Landorus (or any other version) with Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Mega Swapmert with Mud Shot and Earthquake

Pokemon GO Tapu Koko Best Moveset

Now that we know how to bring down Tapu Koko in Pokemon GO with its weakness and counters, let’s dive into its best moveset. Again, we don’t know for certain if this will be the best combination, but I’m pretty confident it will be. If I were you, I’d go for Volt Switch (Electric) as the Quick Attack and Dazzling Gleam (Fairy) or Brave Bird (Flying) as the Charged Attack.

That said, there are a few other moves to potentially play around with. Namely, Tapu Koko can also have Quick Attack (Normal) as the Quick Move and Thunderbolt (Electric) and Thunder (Electric) as the Charged Move. So, you could conceivably go for the full Electric build, if you so choose. For my money, I’d go for the Electric-Fairy build, because there aren’t that many strong Pokemon with Fairy moves.

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