Therian Landorus Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset in Pokemon GO

In our Pokemon GO Therian Landorus Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset guide, we’ll give you all the important details about Therian Forme Landorus. This Pokemon is going to start appearing in five-star Raids from April 26th to May 3rd, so you best be prepared. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the meat of the matter.

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therian landorus weakness counters & best moveset in pokemon go
Therian Landorus Weakness, Counters & Best Moveset in Pokemon GO

Therian Forme Landorus Counters in Pokemon GO

To begin with, we’ll give you a list of potential Pokemon GO Therian Forme Landorus counters, then we’ll explain its weakness and best moveset. Therian Landorus is exceptionally vulnerable to Ice attacks. It doesn’t take Water attacks very well either, but Ice is the way to go. So, here are some suggestions for which Pokemon to use against Therian Forme Landrous; feel free to share your preferences in the comments.

  • Darmanitan (Galarian Zen or Galarian Standard) with Ice Fang and Avalanche or Ice Punch
  • Weavile with Ice Shard and Avalanche
  • Glaceon with Frost Breath or Ice Shard and Avalanche
  • Mega Abomasnow with Powder Snow and Avalanche (regular Abomasnow can work, too)
  • Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche
  • Jynx with Frost Breath and Avalanche
  • Frosmoth with Powder Snow and Ice Beam

Pokemon GO Therian Landorus Weakness & Best Moveset

Before we get into the best moveset of Therian Landorus in Pokemon GO, let’s cover the weakness first now that we know the counters. Well, there’s two weaknesses, but one is definitely the true Achilles’ heel. As we’ve already said, Therian Landorus fares really poorly against Ice and Water attacks. However, I need to impress upon you just how powerful these are. This Pokemon takes 256% damage from Ice and 160% from Water moves. That’s incredibly devastating. On the other hand, Therian Landorus takes half the damage (well, 63%) from Poison, Electric, Fighting and Bug attacks, and pretty much shrugs off Ground moves (39% damage).

As for the best moveset of Therian Landorus, the best Quick Attack is probably Extrasensory (Psychic), and the best Charged Attack is Earthquake (Ground). The other Quick moves you might encounter with this Pokemon include Mud Shot (Ground) and Rock Throw (Rock, Legacy). As for Charged moves, it can also have Bulldoze (Ground), Superpower (Fighting), Stone Edge (Rock), and a handful of Legacy moves, which aren’t of much importance here.

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