Get Apricorns Pokemon Legends Arceus

The ability to get Apricorns in Pokemon Legends Arceus is essential. Without them, you cannot complete your Pokedex. Unlike previous installments in the franchise, you can’t wander into a shop and buy Pokeballs. As this installment takes us back in time, you need to craft them from natural materials. Read on as we discuss how to get Apricorns in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Get Apricorns Pokemon Legends Arceus
Get Apricorns Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Get Apricorns in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus is set in a time before the other installments of the Pokemon franchise. In this ancient version of the Sinnoh region, you need to pioneer the use of catching equipment. One of these is the humble Pokeball.

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Apricorns are one of the materials you need to make them, and they come from a special kind of tree. These have dark trunks, and you can see the Apricorns up in the leaves. This is where you get your materials for crafting Pokeballs.

Target the tree by holding down L1. Once you have it in your sights, press R2 and fire your selected Pokemon at it. This will release the Pokemon who will shake the tree, bringing down the Apricorns.

You will get an average of five Apricorns per tree. Once shaken, the tree won’t yield any more so don’t bother carrying on. Instead, you need to go and target another tree. Luckily, they are plentiful, particularly in the Obsidian Fields. If in doubt, travel to the location we have marked on the map below.

One Apricorn and one Tumblestone will craft a single Pokeball. This means you can get potential five Pokeballs from one tree. You do of course need to go and mine the Tumblestone, your next task!

Once you have Apricorns and Tumblestone, return to a workbench. These are at camps or in Jubilife village. If you have managed to find black Tumblestone, then this can combine with Apricorns to make heavy Pokeballs.

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