Psyduck Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

Generation 1 Pokemon Psyduck is in Legends Arceus, and we have his location. The game features plenty of areas to explore, with Pokemon spread far and wide. Luckily, once you get close, they are often easy to spot. All you need to do is hunt in the right place. We tell you where to find Psyduck in Pokemon: Legends Arceus below.

Psyduck Location Pokemon Legends Arceus
Psyduck Location Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Catch Psyduck in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Psyduck’s location is on the Obsidian Plains. Slightly south in the Heartwood and northwest of Grandtree Arena is an area featuring a small river and trees. Near a large patch of grass, you should be able to spot a Psyduck meandering about. The locations are marked on the map below.

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A water-type Pokemon, Psyduck comes with the normal weaknesses associated with it. Grass and electricity will do the most damage to him, with 2.0 x more. After this, steel, fire, ice, and water itself will cause 0.5x damage. It has no immunities.

There is a wide range of Pokemon you can pit against Psyduck. Any Shaymin, Thundurus, or Electivre will work. Psyduck tends to be stronger against dragon types like Dialga and Palkia. However, almost any strong Pokemon will do the job as Psyduck has low hit points and low defense. He is strong on the attack, with his special attack doing a lot of damage.

His three main abilities are a nuisance more than a threat. A damp ability prevents any Pokemon from using explosions and self-destruct. Cloud Nine cancels any effects brought on by the weather. Swift Swim doubles its speed during rain.

With a medium-fast growth rate, you should be able to evolve him into Golduck quickly. You can begin the evolution at level 33. There are no special requirements to evolve it.

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