Get Riolu Pokemon Legends Arceus

Riolu is one of the most familiar faces in the Pokedex, so it is obvious players want to know how to get it in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Many people want the Pokemon as it can evolve into the very useful Lucario. Unfortunately, it is quite an elusive catch. You have to venture deep into the Hisui region to find it. Below, we give the essential guide on where to find Riolu in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Get Riolu Pokemon Legends Arceus

A canine Pokemon, Riolu is well known for its energetic behavior. While its hit points and defense are low, it has a very high attack level. It has the abilities of steadfast, inner focus, and the hidden ability of prankster.

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How to Get Riolu Pokemon Legends Arceus

Riolu has always been a very hard Pokemon to get your hands on and Arceus continues that theme. It is one of the Emanation Pokemon, infantile forms of large, powerful Pokemon. Its evolved form, Lucario, it’s a very versatile and useful Pokemon to have.

How to Get Riolu Pokemon Legends Arceus
How to Get Riolu Pokemon Legends Arceus

You need to have unlocked the Alabaster Icelands section at the top of the map. North of the Icebound Falls is a long pathway. It is circled by map points like Avalanche Slopes and Whiteout Valley. On this pathway, you can encounter many Pokemon, one of which is Riolu. It should be there during any time of day under any weather conditions.

Take care, as an Alpha Lucario prowls the area. Alpha Pokemon are the red-eyed, angry version of normal Pokemon. They are tough and that is one you want to avoid.

To evolve your Riolu into a Lucario, you need to raise friendships levels. This needs doing during the day. When the time is right, the evolve option should appear on the summary screen. You can read our guide on how to increase friendship levels here.

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