At Home Under the Eaves Pokemon Legends Arceus

The At Home Under the Eaves Pokemon Legends Arceus request 85 can be unlocked later in the game, after you’ve caught a specific Pokemon. In it, one of the residents of Jubilife Village asks you to find a new home for a Chimecho that has found a home, well, under the eaves of her house. It takes you all over the village, and it’s pretty charming overall. In this guide, we’ll show you how to begin and complete this quest to get the Sun Stone, with an extra aside about what to do if you encounter the bug that prevents you from taking the mission in the first place.

home under the eaves pokemon legends arceus
Home Under the Eaves Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to Start Pokemon Legends Arceus At Home Under the Eaves Request

To start the Home Under the Eaves request in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you first need to capture a Chimecho. You can find them in Celestica Trail in Coronet Higlands and Lake Acuity in Alabaster Icelands, among other places. Once you have one, you can go back to the Galaxy HQ in Jubilife Village and pick the quest up from the notice board in Laventon’s room. After you do that, track the quest, and it will take you to Ida’s house. She will send you on a journey around the village looking for a new home for her Chimecho.

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A problem some people have is that the quest won’t appear for them on the notice board, even if they have a Chimecho caught. This is a bug, of course. In order to fix it, leave Jubilife Village completely, go into whichever map you want, then return to the village and Galaxy Hall. That seems to take care of it.

How to Complete Home Under the Eaves Request

The Pokemon Legends Arceus Home Under the Eaves request is pretty simple to complete. As long as you track the quest, it will guide you true around the village. Still, we’ll show you all of them in the screenshot below.

pokemon legends arceus home under the eaves
All four quest locations (click to zoom in)

The first place Ida points you to is one of the houses east of the tilled field, near the panel from which some veggies are hanging. Location #2 is the hut near the water south of the village, where the Playing with Drifloon quest takes you. The third place is in the Training Grounds, to the right of where Isu is standing. The fourth and final location is the house right next to Ida. Keep in mind that you’ll have to report to her between each quest point. Reward for this request is Sun Stone that you can use to evolve Petilil Pokemon.

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