How to Get Sun Stone in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Sun Stone, as an evolution item, has a very important role in Pokemon Legends Arceus. It is not easy to find these stones for free in the world, and if you decide to buy the stone, you’ll have to spend a lot of Merit points. In this guide we’ll share with you how to find Sun Stones in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

sun stone Pokemon legends arceus
There are several ways to obtain Sun Stones in Pokemon Legends Arceus

How to get Sun Stones in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Even though some evolution methods have been changed in Pokemon Legends Arceus, evolution stones are still part of the game core. If you want to complete the Pokedex and evolve Petilil start looking for the Sun Stone. There are several ways to obtain this stone:

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  1. You can get it as a rare drop while breaking the ores, or by digging treasures with the Ursaluna pokemon.
  2. Another very expensive method is to buy the Sun Stone from Simona at the Trading Post in Jubilife Village. Prepare to spend a significant amount of Merit Points. If you still don’t know how to obtain Merit Points, or how to get and return Lost Satchels we have a guide with detailed explanation for you.
  3. The third and the easiest method is to complete Request no 85 At Home Under the Eaves that rewards you with a free Sun Stone. This is a very simple request but before you can start it, you’ll have to catch a Chimecho. If you have any problem with the quest you can take a look at our guide At Home Under the Eaves Pokemon Legends Arceus .

For more tips and guides that can help you find and evolve Pokemons, complete requests or riddles, or find hidden evolution stones take a look at our Pokemon Legends Arceus category.

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