Where is Yorrich Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you’re struggling to find out where Yorrich is in Pokemon Legends Arceus, we’ve got you covered. This quest is important, because it unlocks a new camp in Cobalt Coastlands, which is extremely useful. However, to complete the Setting Up the Coastlands Camp quest, you need to know where the location of Yorrich, or Yorick is. That’s what we’ll be showing you in this guide, so let’s dive in.

where is yorrich pokemon legends arceus
Where is Yorrich Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where is Yorrich in Pokemon Arceus – Yorick Location

The location of Yorrich in Pokemon Legends Arceus, or Yorick as some call him, is on one of the fingers of the peninsula in the east of Cobalt Coastlands. Don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly where you need to go in the screenshots below, but first, let’s back up for a second. We’re going to assume that you’ve met the quest giver, Gully, in the pass between Aipom Hill and Bather’s Lagoon. After you talk to her and get the Setting Up the Coastlands Camp quest, you’ll need to find her again. She moves east, to the peninsula that looks like a hand. She’ll be in the palm of that hand. Speak to her, and now you have to find Yorrich. He’ll be on the southernmost finger of the hand (the pinkie, if you will), as indicated in the screenshots.

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So, that’s where you find the location of where Yorrich or Yorick is in the Pokemon Legends Arceus Setting Up the Coastlands Camp quest. You just need to save him from the clutches of… well… a tiny, adorable Chatot. I don’t get it either. After you do, you’ll get to watch a brief cutscene, and when all is said and done, you’ll now have access to the Coastlands Camp, aka a new fast travel / rest point. This is gonna be really useful in many ways, including the Sea’s Legend mystery request. If you still need help with this request, check out our video below.

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