Stuck on Electric Gym Hide & Seek Fix Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Are you stuck on lono’s hide and seek Electric Gym test in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? If you can not complete the Electric Gym puzzle where you need to play hide and seek with Clavell, you should know that you are far from being the only one with this problem. If you can’t click on the principal, read on. We explain how to select the director Clavell in order to complete the Electric Gym Hide & Seek puzzle for lono’s gym test in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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Stuck on Electric Gym Hide & Seek Fix Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Stuck on lono’s Hide and Seek Puzzle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Solution

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Stuck on Electric Gym Hide and Seek Solution

First things first, if you are simply not sure how to finish the “Find Mister Walksabout” Gym test, then you should check the dedicated guide we’ve linked here for you. This particular guide only deals with the glitch where players are unable to complete the Electric Gym hide-and-seek puzzle. If that’s the case with you, then read on. The problem here is rather straightforward. Namely, players are unable to select the director when they are trying to complete the puzzle.

Given that we haven’t encountered this “Stuck on Electric Gym” issue, we can only share with you some solutions shared by other players. A number of players report that this issue is related to using an external controller. “I had this problem too – turns out, it was to do with using an external controller,” wrote Reddit user Sunsetglimmer. “I fixed it by temporarily changing over to keyboard controls, but I believe it can also be sorted by adjusting the analogue stick dead zone settings.”

Releated to this, it seems like setting up proper dead zone is important as well. “You need to add like 0.25 deadzone to your controllers, then when you hover over his face it would like lock-on then just press A,” advises LoKi_Cosmoz. So there you have it. If you are stuck on the Electric Gym test, an external controller might be the issue. Hopefully, this helps and you will be able to eventually click on the principal and complete lono’s hide-and-seek puzzle.

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  1. M
    matias baschmann

    thanks man, it works when you add the 0.35 deadzone

  2. N

    Thanks worked with 0,25 deadzone left and right stick <3

  3. K

    It only worked with mouse/keyboard. Shame on Game Freak

  4. H

    Thanks man. Worked with me when I applied 0,25 in in left and right stick.

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