Pokemon Sword & Shield Bicycle Location - Rotom Bike

Rotom Bike in Pokemon Sword & Shield is the customary bicycle that you can unlock in the game in order to travel faster. You won’t have access to the Pokemon Sword & Shield bicycle, aka the Rotom Bike, from the start of the game. In fact, you have to push through the game until it sends you to a specific location. You can’t miss it, but I’m sure you’re curious to know immediately. That said, welcome to our Pokemon Sword & Shield Bicycle Location – Rotom Bike guide, in which we’ll show you where to find and how to get the Rotom Bike Pokemon SwSh bicycle.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Bicycle Location Rotom Bike
Pokemon Sword & Shield Bicycle Location – Rotom Bike

Where to Find Rotom Bike Bicycle in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To find the Rotom Bike Pokemon Sword & Shield bicycle, keep playing through the game until you get the “Make your way across Route 5 to reach Hulburry” mission. This will lead you west of Truffield. As you make your way along Route 5, just after passing the Nursery, you’ll come across a large bridge. There, you’ll find two big punks terrorizing a poor doctor-looking fellow. In fact, they seem to want to steal his bicycle, and we can’t have that, as funny as that would be.

So, it’s pretty obvious what you have to do here: you have to kick the butts of Team Yell, as the punks call themselves. When we fought them, the first goon summoned a Level 17 Zigzagoon (Dark / Normal) and a Level 18 Theivul (Dark). The second goon summoned a Level 18 Sableye (Dark / Ghost). I presume they’ll summon the same against you, so prepare accordingly. Once you defeat Team Yell, the doctor is going to give you the Rotom Bike as a token of his gratitude.

To summon or unsummon the bicycle in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you press either + or -. It doesn’t matter which; both buttons can be used to either get on the bike or get off it. As you might assume, as in all other Pokemon games, and real life, the Rotom Bike allows you to travel the world significantly faster than on foot. This will be invaluable on your travels.

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