Pokemon Sword & Shield Volume Control Location

Volume controls in Pokemon Sword & Shield are sound options that you have to unlock in the game. There are no special Pokemon Sword & Shield volume controls, I’m talking just the most basic sound options like background music and sound effects. You have to unlock those. The most basic Pokemon Sword and Shield volume options are locked, and you have to earn them from a random NPC that you can easily look over. That being the case, our Pokemon Sword & Shield Volume Control Location guide will show you where to find and how to get volume controls in Pokemon SwSh.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Volume Control Location
Pokemon Sword & Shield Volume Control Location

Where to Find Volume Controls in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To find the volume controls in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you first have to push through the game’s main campaign until you reach the city of Motostoke. Once you do, head straight down the street you’re on, towards the giant wheel of cogs in the distance. Walk past the people standing next to an Onix, then look to your right. You’re looking for a black fella with a mustache wearing a pink vest. We found him outside the record store with the yellow front on the right side of the street.

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The pink-vested gentleman will give you the Hi-tech Earbuds when you talk to him. They’re gonna be in the Key Items section of your bag. Once you have the Hi-tech Earbuds, you’ll be able to control volume levels from the Options menu. The sliders will be at the bottom of the list, as you can see in the image above. Your choices are Background Music, Sound Effects, and Pokemon Cries. Now, the game is gonna be all cute about how clever it is to include an in-game item that unlocks sound options.

And sure, it is kinda neat, but neat does not equal smart. There was no reason to gate volume control off by an in-game item. It does not improve the game in any way whatsoever. But, I’m editorializing, this is besides the point. The point is, now you know where to find and how to get volume controls in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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