Pokemon Sword & Shield First Nursery Location - Unlock Breeding

Breeding Pokemon and the first Nursery location in Pokemon Sword & Shield are closely connected, seeing as how you can only breed Pokemon and get Pokemon Eggs in Nurseries. The Pokemon SwSh breeding system is fairly easy to understand, but some players could be impatient to know where to find the first Nursery in the game and start breeding Pokemon. So, in our Pokemon Sword & Shield First Nursery Location – Unlock Breeding guide is going to show you exactly where you can unlock Pokemon breeding in Sword & Shield, the location of the first Nursery we came across, and briefly explain how it works.

Pokemon Sword & Shield First Nursery Location Unlock Breeding
Pokemon Sword & Shield First Nursery Location – Unlock Breeding

How to Unlock Breeding in Pokemon Sword & Shield – Where to Find First Nursery?

To unlock breeding in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to find a Pokemon Nursery, as is the case in the majority of Pokemon Games. The first Nursery location we’ve found was on Route 5, just before a large bridge (on which you unlock the Rotom Bike). Basically, go east of the Pokemon Center in Turffield. At the fork in the road, head to the right, across the bridge. You will now be on Route 5. Just keep heading east until you find the large house with a logo of three Pokemon Eggs above the door. That’s the Nursery.

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Now, if you’re new to the concept of Pokemon Nurseries, let’s get you up to speed. The basic idea is, you can leave two Pokemon in the Nursery. In Sword and Shield, the person you need to talk to in order to leave Pokemon at the Nursery is the young woman standing outside the building. If you leave two Pokemon of the same species and different genders, there’s a fairly good chance they will love each other very much, and, with any luck, you’ll get a Pokemon Egg out of it when you come back. What you have to do then is put a Pokemon Egg into your Party. Carry it around for a while, and a Pokemon will hatch out of it.

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