Galarian Moltres Crown Tundra

Galarian Moltres is a new legendary pokemon, added in the Crown Tundra expansion. If you want to enhance your pokedex with this legendary bird, you’ll have two hurdles to overcome – the first problem you’ll encounter is where to find Galarian Moltres, the second how to catch Galarian Moltres. With a bit of help, you’ll be over it in no time, though, which is why we’ve decided to write this Galarian Moltres Crown Tundra guide.

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galarian moltres crown tundra
Galarian Moltres Crown Tundra

Where to find Galarian Moltres?

Before you can find the Galarian Moltres, you’ll have to visit the Dyna Hill Tree. You’ll find the three legendary birds fighting at a giant tree there, and they’ll disperse after a cinematic. If you check out Legendary Clue 3 afterwards, you’ll find that the bird of black flew off to the Isle of Armor.

Basically, all you need to do in order to find this Bird of Legend is head on over to the Isle of Armor. As soon as you leave the train station, you’ll see it circling the area. Figure out its path and stand in it – it won’t avoid you. In fact, it’ll attack you as soon as it’s close enough.

How to catch Galarian Moltres?

Unlike the other two legendary birds from the giant tree, the Galarian Moltres won’t try to flee. This makes catching it much easier, as you won’t have to chase it around. Once it attacks you, treat the battle like you would any other.

It’s a dark and flying type with an ability that increases its stats, so make sure you come prepared. And invest in some high tier balls – you don’t want to redo the battle just because you failed to catch it at the end. And make sure you save before the battle – it’s easier that way, in case of a slip-up.


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