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crown tundra poipole

Crown Tundra Poipole

Poipole in Crown Tundra is an Ultra Beast Pokemon that you can get and evolve in the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. Poipole is different…

galarian slowking crown tundra

Galarian Slowking Crown Tundra

Galarian Slowking is a new pokemon found in the Crown Tundra region, which was added in the second DLC. In order to get it, you’ll…

ultra beasts crown tundra

Ultra Beasts Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra Ultra Beasts in the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC are special types of monsters that you can capture if you complete a certain…

glastrier or spectrier crown tundra

Glastrier or Spectrier Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra Glastrier or Spectrier is a choice you’re going to have to make during one of the quests in the Pokemon Sword and Shield…

galarian moltres crown tundra

Galarian Moltres Crown Tundra

Galarian Moltres is a new legendary pokemon, added in the Crown Tundra expansion. If you want to enhance your pokedex with this legendary bird, you’ll…

crown tundra dynite ore pokemon

Crown Tundra Dynite Ore Pokemon

Dynite ore is a new material in Pokemon Sword & Shield. It was added in the Crown Tundra DLC, and it acts like a kind…

crown tundra regidrago regieleki

Crown Tundra Regidrago & Regieleki

Regidrago and Regieleki are legendary pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield. They were added in the Crown Tundra expansion, and they’re part of the titan…

registeel crown tundra

Registeel Crown Tundra

Registeel in Crown Tundra Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC is one of the many new Pokemon added, and people are wondering how to get one….

crown tundra pokedex pokemon list

Crown Tundra Pokedex – Pokemon List

The Crown Tundra Pokedex has been a matter of great interest among Pokemon Sword & Shield players. They’re all, of course, wondering about the Pokemon…

pokemon sword and shield crown tundra release time

Crown Tundra Release Time

The Crown Tundra DLC in Pokemon Sword & Shield is going to launch soon, and people are wondering what time will Crown Tundra be available….

how to access crown tundra

How to Access Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra is the second piece of DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield. It takes place in the frozen forests of the eponymous tundra, and…