How to Get New Toys for Camp in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Toys are camping gear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can use them to play with your pokemon while camping, and it’ll increase your friendship levels with them. You start off with just two – a ball and a dangler you can use to draw their attention. Thankfully, there are more toys to be had – mostly various balls. If you’re wondering how to get new toys for camp in Pokemon Sword & Shield, continue reading our guide.

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pokemon sword shield how to get new toys for camp
How to Get New Toys for Camp in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where to find new toys for camping?

There’s only one place we’ve heard of so far that can provide you with new toys. It’s an NPC vendor called Camping King – the guy in the yellow outfit, with a big backpack, who can change the color of your tent. You’ll find him at East Lake Axewell, south of Motostoke, next to the giant staircase. Talk to him and choose the option that says “Rate my Curry Dex, please”.

The options does exactly what it says. He’ll check to see how many different kinds of curry you’ve prepared until then, and he’ll reward you if the number’s high enough. Here are the names of the toys you’ll get as rewards, and how many curries you’ll have to prepare to earn them:

  • Fresh Ball – 5 curries
  • Weighted Ball – 10 curries
  • Soothe Ball – 15 curries
  • Mirror Ball – 30 curries
  • Tympole Ball – 50 curries
  • Champion Ball – 151 curries

We haven’t had the chance to check every one of these (151 curries is a lot of curries), so there might be some more in between the last two entries on the list. We’re going to keep playing and cooking, and we’ll update the guide with more info as soon as we have it. If you know of a toy we’ve missed in the article, feel free to let us know in the comments.