Regi Puzzles - Legendary Giants Crown Tundra

Regi puzzles are a series of challenges you’ll face in the Crown Tundra region of Pokemon Sword & Shield. Each of them will allow you to face and catch a single legendary giant, which are a new breed of pokemon introduced in the expansion. The Iron Ruins unlock Registeel, the Rock Peak Ruins are for Regirock, Iceberg Ruins help you obtain Regice, and the Split-Decision Ruins make you choose between Regidrago and Regieleki. If you’re having trouble with these puzzles, this guide will show you regi puzzle solutions in Crown Tundra.

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regi puzzles legendary giants crown tundra
Regi Puzzles – Legendary Giants Crown Tundra

Rock Peak Ruins – Let the First Pokemon Hold a Never-Changing Stone

Rock Peak Ruins are located in the south of Crown Tundra, north of the Lakeside Cave. In order to enter them, you’ll have to “let the first pokemon hold a never-changing stone”. This means equipping them with an Everstone. For more info, be sure to check out our Regirock guide.

Iron Ruins puzzle – Let Ring the Piercing Note That Will Wake the Giant of Steel

The Iron Ruins can be found in Giant’s Bed, southwest from Freezington. Once you reach them, you’ll have to “let ring the piercing note that will wake the giant of steel”. This just means you’ll have to whistle. If you need further instructions, take a look at our Registeel guide.

Iceberg Ruins puzzle – Walk Together With a Living Crystal of Snow

To get Regice, you’ll have to visit the Iceberg Ruins. You’ll find them in Snowslide Slope, and the door will only unlock if you “walk together with a living crystal of snow”. This is a simple one – you’ll need to catch a Cryogonal and put it in your party. There are some near the ruins, so you can always get one from there if you don’t already have it. Inside, after you’ve turned on all the lights, you’ll get to fight and capture Regice.

Split-Decision Ruins – When Gather The Three Giants, The Door of Destiny Shall Be Opened

The Split-Decision Ruins are located at Three-Point Pass. In order to enter the ruins, you’ll have to collect all three of the previous regis – that’s what the “when gather the three giants, the door of destiny shall be opened” means. Once you have them, and the door is open, check out hte patters in front of the ruins. If you enter the one on the left, you’ll get Regieleki. If you enter the one on the right, you’ll get Regidrago. For more info, be sure to visit our Regidrago & Regieleki guide.


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