Regirock Crown Tundra - Hold a Never-Changing Stone

Crown Tundra Regirock is one of the returning Pokemon in the Sword and Shield DLC, and getting it involves solving a puzzle about holding a never-changing stone. Solving this riddle can be a bit of a problem, especially if you don’t read item descriptions. If you’re having trouble with this, then our Regirock Crown Tundra – Hold a Never-Changing Stone guide is the right place for you.

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regirock crown tundra hold a never-changing stone
Regirock Crown Tundra – Hold a Never-Changing Stone

Let the First Pokemon Hold a Never-Changing Stone – Crown Tundra Regirock

To get Regirock in Crown Tundra Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC, you have to solve the riddle at the door of the Rock Peak Ruins. The riddle reads: “Let the first Pokemon hold a never-changing stone.” Now, what the heck does that mean? Well, the first Pokemon is the leader of your party, obviously. But what is all this never-changing business? Well, that’s the Everstone. It’s a white, oblong rock that you can find in the Other Items tab of your inventory. If you read the description, you’ll see that it prevents the Pokemon holding it from evolving.

So, take the Everstone from the inventory and equip it on your party leader. The first Pokemon in the four on the left, if you will. After you’ve done that, interact with the door again, and it should open now. Waltz into the Ruins, and you’ll have to make all the dots on the floor light up by walking over them. It’s the same as with Crown Tundra Registeel. When the statue lights up, interact with it and check it out. This will cause Crown Tundra Regirock to spawn. Defeat it, catch it, and be on your way.

And that’s it. If you need more help with this DLC, check out some of our other guides. To name just a few, we’ve written Galarian Zapdos Crown Tundra, Crown Tundra Calyrex Steed & Carrot Seeds, and Crown Tundra Dynite Ore. At the very least, now you know how to get Regirock in Crown Tundra, and how to hold a never-changing stone.

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