Pokemon Sword & Shield Remember & Forget Moves

Remembering and forgetting moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield is an important mechanic, and teaching your Pokemon new moves has been a staple of the franchise forever. So, most of you will probably figure out the Pokemon Swsh forgetting and remembering movs mechanic pretty quickly. However, some of you might be new to the concept, and might be wondering how to remember and forget moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield. That being the case, our Pokemon Sword & Shield Remember & Forget Moves is going to answer these questions for you.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Remember & Forget Moves
Pokemon Sword & Shield Remember & Forget Moves

How to Remember & Forget Moves in Pokemon Sword & Shield?

To remember and forget Moves in Pokemon Sword & Shield, head over to your nearest convenient Pokemon Center. Once inside, head to the man in a checkered shirt and yellow tie. Speak to him, and he’ll give you several options. One of them is to change your Pokemon’s nickname. However, the ones that are of interest to us are the two below: Remember a move and Forget a move. The system is pretty clear on its own, but let’s go through it, just in case.

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If you want your Pokemon to remember a move, select the appropriate option. Then, select a Pokemon who you want to learn a new move. The next step is to select the move you want, and confirm your selection. If the Pokemon you’ve selected already has a full move set, you’ll then have to choose which move you want it to forget. It can be a tough choice, sure, and the best move combos are really up to you. Some are obviously more powerful than others, some less so. Just, you know, exercise common-sense caution.

If, on the other hand, you want your Pokemon to forget a move, the system is pretty much the same. The only real difference is that you have to select Forget a move instead of Remember a move. Then again, you can simply swap out moves using the above-mentioned method without having to manually forget a move.

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