Ultra Beasts Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra Ultra Beasts in the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC are special types of monsters that you can capture if you complete a certain set of prerequisites. It has been a while since Ultra Beasts have made an appearance in a Pokemon game, so, needless to say, players are wondering how to catch them. Not only that, but these monsters are very powerful, and are necessary to solve one of the Legendary Clues. With all of that said, here’s our Ultra Beasts Crown Tundra guide to show you how to catch and spawn them.

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ultra beasts crown tundra
Ultra Beasts Crown Tundra

How to Catch Ultra Beasts in Crown Tundra?

To catch an Ultra Beast in the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword & Shield, the first step is to go through the whole main campaign. The Legendary Clues, catching Registeel and Regirock, Legendary Birds, the whole nine yards. After all that’s done, Peony will shove yet another Legendary Clue under your doormat. You know, as one does. After that happens, head to the Max Lair and talk with Peony. After that, Ultra Beasts will spawn at random during the Dynamax Adventures. Yes, it is unfortunately random, but then again, pretty much everything in these raids is.

And, well, that’s about all there is to it when it comes to catching Ultra Beasts. I mean, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to actually catch the things, but, you know, there’s not much that we can do to help you with that. Just make sure that you have your best Pokemon with you, stock up on healing items and PokeBalls, and hope that one of the beasts will even spawn in the first place. It’s all a bit too much of a roulette wheel for my taste, but, what are you gonna do? NOT try and capture the coolest-looking and most powerful Pokemon in the game? Nonsense. Good luck out there with, fellow Trainers!

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