Prey Awkward Ride Home Achievement / Trophy

Awkward Ride Home achievement is one of the trophies in Prey. To get the trophy, you have to complete a series of steps, most of which involve killing people. When you complete Prey, there should be only you and one specific crew member alive. Since what you need to do is convoluted, we’ve made a guide on the Awkward Ride Home achievement in Prey.

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Prey Awkward Ride Home Achievement / Trophy
Prey Awkward Ride Home Achievement / Trophy

How to get Awkward Ride Home Trophy

First off, if you want this achievement, you’ll basically have to turn into a bloodthirsty killer. You’ll have to murder every human aboard Talos I, except for one crew member – Commander Dahl. Everyone else has to go, especially more important characters: Dr. Igwe, Aaron Ingram, Mikhaila Ilyushin and Sarah Elazar. That way, only Dahl and you remain in the end.

The process is a little more complicated than it seems, however. Some characters have to die by your own hand, not because you just let them die. To start off, make sure you murder every person all the way until you reach Deep Storage. You’ll get flung into space from there. From there, rescue Dr. Igwe and whoever else in the Cargo Bay area you come across. Don’t kill anybody there yet.

Proceed with the game and complete the rebooting of the station, making sure you kill any people you find on the way. Eventually, Igwe will let you now that he’s in your office. At that point, head back to the Cargo Bay and dispatch everyone there. Keep playing the game as normal until Dahl comes in. Take on the Showing Initiative quest and finish it. After that, you should make sure that you’ve killed every single human on board except Dahl, Igwe, and Alex Yu.

Keep playing until you reach the Arboretum and make sure to knock Dahl out when he attempts to kill Alex. Then, complete the Incapactiate Dahl objective. Remember, don’t kill Dahl. Your next step is to locate Dr. Igwe and kill him, too. Continue on with the game and, when you reach the end, activate the self-destruct sequence on Talos I (go for the Perdition finale). Run over to Dahl’s escape shuttle. Remember, only the two of you can be in there, with nobody in the cargo area.

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