Prey Infinite Materials Glitch - Unlimited Crafting Components

Prey allows you to craft things using a device called a fabricator and a bunch of materials. Those materials are obtained by dismantling gear you don’t need and recycling junk items you find across the station. However, there’s an exploit that lets you multiply your crafting components, letting you build up an unreasonably large stockpile in a matter of minutes. In this guide, we’re going to show you how the Prey infinite crafting materials glitch works, so you can get rich quick.

prey infinite materials glitch unlimited crafting components
Prey infinite crafting materials glitch

Once you’ve used and abused this method, you’ll be left with a bunch of materials to spend on crafting ammo, weapons and neuromods. If you want to milk it as long as possible, you should stop the game from updating – a patch will probably fix the issue soon enough.

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How to get unlimited crafting materials in Prey

The process is simple enough. You’ll first need to find a recycler – there’s one on almost every corner, so that shouldn’t pose a problem. Make sure you have at least some materials in your inventory – of each kind. Once you’re set, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Put one kind of materials (mineral, exotic, synthetic or organic) into the recycler.
  2. Divide the amount into several stacks (9 seems to work best).
  3. Press the recycle button.

And that’s it. With nine stacks of materials, the recycler re-recycles them, more than doubling the amount each time. We started our test run with 100, ending up with 230 after the first try. The process goes faster if you have larger quantities, obviously. Of course, you don’t have to stockpile a lot – just make enough for what you need at the moment. You can always come back and make more when you need it. Just don’t update the game, or you risk a sneaky patch fixing the loophole.

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