Prey Speedrun Record is Now Under 20 Minutes

Arkane’s new action-adventure game hasn’t been out a week, and the speedrun records are already getting ridiculous. The latest one was set by Twitch streamer DraQu, and it’s 19 minutes and 34 seconds. Of course, there’s a lot of glitch exploitation that propels Morgan Yu to the ending of the game in next to no time.

Prey Speedrun Record is Now Under 20 Minutes
Prey Speedrun Record is Now Under 20 Minutes

Speedrunning is an art that I have difficulty getting into. However, there’s no doubt that it’s impressive in its own way. I’m fascinated by the dedication some people show to combing through a game, looking for exploits and shortcuts and patiently shaving off precious seconds. And nothing demonstrates that better than the latest speedrun of Prey, which condenses the game into less than twenty minutes.

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This feat has been accomplished by DraQu, a Twitch streamer and speedrunner that managed to complete Prey in a staggering 19 minutes and 34 seconds. And keep in mind, his first attempt was just under 45 minutes. He managed to half his time in less than 24 hours.

Needless to say, DraQu completely breaks the game to achieve that time. As the game opens, he flings a chair on top of a door and uses it to skip over the entire intro. Afterwards, most of the playthrough takes place in a weird Talos I meta-space of unraveled reality. It’s Prey set in the ending sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

On top of that, DraQu seems to make several mistakes during the playthrough, so it’s safe to say that the next attempt will take even less time. I have a feeling that the developers are watching this with jaws on the floor. You can check out the full video below. However, be advised that it contains some major Prey spoilers, obviously.

If you’re having trouble with beating Prey, but don’t want to exploit glitches, feel free to check out our list of Prey guides.

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