Prey Typhon Research New Trailer & Pre-Order Bonuses

Bethesda Softworks have released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi horror FPS, Prey. The Typhon Research trailer goes through several types of aliens and how they work. It also reveals what the Transtar Corporation was planning to do with the Typhon. Some minor spoilers are on the way; you have been warned.

Prey Typhon Research New Trailer & Pre-Order Bonuses
Prey Typhon Research New Trailer & Pre-Order Bonuses

The trailer has the form of a Q3 research report to higher-ups and/or shareholders. It presents three types of Typhons in detail, and describes that they are all part of an ecosystem of their own. Each of them has a specific role. This makes them sound like a more believable threat, since they’re not just mindless enemies for you to mow down.

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The trailer actually mentions four Typhon subspecies – Mimic, Weaver, Phantom and Telepath. However, it describes three of them more closely, presumably because they are both larger threats and have more potential for weaponizing. Yes, Transtar has graduated from the Weyland-Yutani school of shady corporations. Their goal is apparently to study the Typhon and turn them into weapons, both direclty and through augmenting humans using Typhon DNA using neuromods. The three Typhons might also be the enemies that we’ll encounter in the game most often.

The Mimic, much like the name implies, is a largely amorphous organism that can turn into any object of similar size in order to ambush its prey. As we’ve seen before in the Prey Mimic Madness gameplay video, the player will also be able to use this ability once they get the appropriate nueromod.

Next up is the Phantom, which, according to the trailer, is a Typhon fused with a human corpse. They do exhibit vague human characteristics, but are really just large grunts. They can shoot projectiles that explode on impact, and they’re also pretty strong in close-quarters combat.

Finally, there’s the Telepath Typhon, which sounds like a legitimately frightening enemy, which can control weaker minds, as well as deal damage with projectiles. Fortunately, there is an item called the Personal Nullwave which can protect from its powers.

Prey comes out on May 5th, 2017 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can pre-order it already and receive plans for the Margrave shotgun and ammo, two medkits, three neuromods, a recycler shielding chipset and some fabrication (aka crafting) materials.

You can check out the Typhon Research trailer below.

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