Resident Evil 7’s upcoming Not A Hero DLC features a “photo realistic” Chris Redfield

And when they say “photo realistic” they do not mean the bulging monstrosity that Chris has grown into over the course of previous Capcom titles. This more realistic depiction caused fans to develop theories that it was not Chris at all, but someone else. These theories, though interesting, have now fallen apart. Capcom has clearly stated that the long-term series protagonist is back and even commented on his old looks (think RE 6) as “deformed”.

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Resident Evil 7 Endings
Older, wiser, more defined than buffed, Chris Redfield will be back.

Probably the theory that gained most traction was the one about everyone’s favorite RE mercenary without a face – Hunk. This Special Agent of Umbrella’s first appeared in RE2 where he had a mini-game dedicated to him and was later referenced in several games. It was his connection to umbrella and the fact that he was not really a protagonist, a hero, but a simple, no-face guy that made him popular. An Everyman armed with automatic weaponry, if you will. This made him more relatable to players.

Speaking of not being a hero, the eponymous DLC for Resi 7 will be free and feature Chris Redfield in an as of yet unknown capacity. From what is known, the story will be somewhat separate from RE7, but there will probably be a connection. Perhaps Chris will be after another Baker? He is, after all, a member of the American Special Operations Unit, the captain of Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. And when someone has all those titles, he is not joking around!

Resident Evil 7 has so far seen great sales. It already has a two-part DLC dubbed Banned Footage, which was considered short, but brought some interesting additions to the game. It is available through the season pass, but it can be purchased separately as well. Not A Hero DLC will be out for free, as said earlier, with an unclear “spring 2017” release date.