Rage 2 Hyper-Cannon Location - How to Get

Hyper-cannon is one of the weapons you can use in Rage 2. It’s a rail gun, basically, a rifle that shoots a laser beam. It has a pretty big reach and does a lot of damage. The alt fire mode allows you to charge the beam, which makes it pierce enemies. If you were wondering how to get it, wonder no more – our Rage 2 hyper-cannon location guide will show you.

rage 2 hyper cannon how to get
Rage 2 Hyper-Cannon Location – How to Get

Where to find hyper-cannon?

As you’d expect, the hyper-cannon is hidden in an Ark. You’ll find it in the far north of the map, in the Wilds region. Look for the Greenhaven Ark once you’re there. It’s easy to spot, but you’re going to have to break a sweat before you’re allowed in. After you deal with a group of enemies guarding the entrance, a Cyber Crusher boss will appear.

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rage 2 hyper-cannon location

It’s a nasty, big thing that does a bunch of damage. Avoid its attacks at all cost. It has a glowing vat on its back – that’s its weak spot. Shoot the vat for massive damage, and if you manage to survive its lunging and charging attacks, you’ll be fine. Once you’ve dealt with the monster, hop on inside and grab your new weapon.

The hyper-cannon is what we usually call a rail gun. It has long range, slow firing speed and high damage. What separates the hyper-cannon from a regular gun, though, is its alternative mode of fire. You can charge up the beam, which increases the damage it does, but also makes it pierce enemies. You can take out a handful of goons with one shot this way, which is a good way to start a larger skirmish. Upgrading it will increase the magazine capacity, reload speed, rate of fire, charge efficiency and give it the armor breaker shockwave trait.

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