Rage 2 Loquacious Wanderer Vehicle Location - Where to Find

Loquacious Wanderer in Rage 2 is one of a number of vehicles that you can find in the game. It seems to be pretty rare, so knowing where to find the Rage 2 Loquacious Wanderer trader van can be pretty valuable info. True, it’s a bit of a weird choice given your quest, but those that want to collect everything are going to want to locate it. If you can’t find the van in the game, then our Rage 2 Loquacious Wanderer Vehicle Location – Where to Find guide is the right place for you. We’ll show you exactly where to find it.

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Rage 2 Loquacious Wanderer Vehicle Location - Where to Find
Rage 2 Loquacious Wanderer Vehicle Location – Where to Find

Where to Find Loquacious Wanderer Trader Van in Rage 2?

To obtain the Loquacious Wanderer trader van in Rage 2, you’ll have to scour the wastelands until you find it. Once you do, jump into it, and drive it to the first garage in order to keep it. It’s a weird vehicle, and doesn’t seem like it could be of much help in the harsh world you’re in, but hey, it’s a fun exotic little trophy. Now, you might notice the vendors driving around in the Loquacious Wanderer. Unfortunately, you can’t kill them and take the van for yourself. Believe us, we’ve tried. The only way to find it is the proper way: go exploring.

The only Loquacious Wanderer van we’ve been able to find was way in the east of the Broken Tract region. There’s a Point of Interest in that part of the region called Forlorn Shack Ranger Echo. It’s kinda in the middle of nowhere, but then again, so is much of the rest of the game. Check the screenshots below for the exact location. When you get there, hop into the van, and drive it into the garage to add it to your collection.

In case you’ve found the Loquacious Wanderer somewhere else, tell us in the comments. If you need further help with modes of transportation in the game, check out our Rage 2 Vehicle Locations – Bike, Monster Truck, Tank, Combat Vehicle. Or, if you need help with anything else, head over to our other Rage 2 guides, including the likes of Weapon Core Mod Locations and All Weapon Locations.

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