Rage 2 Charged Pulse Cannon Location - Where to Find

Charged pulse cannon is one of the weapons you can get in Rage 2. It’s a plasma weapon with a high rate of fire, which works kinda like a machinegun. It can overheat, but you can use that to your advantage if you know what you’re doing. If you want to start practicing with it as soon as possible, our Rage 2 charged pulse cannon location guide will help you find it.

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rage 2 charged pulse rifle where to find
Rage 2 Charged Pulse Cannon Location – Where to Find

How to get charged pulse cannon?

If you’ve already collected some of the other weapons, you probably expect the charged pulse cannon to be hidden inside an Ark. You’ll find it in the Shrouded Vault Ark, which is located in the easternmost part of the Dune Sea. When you arrive, you’ll notice the door is locked. In order to unlock it, you’ll have to visit two other places.

rage 2 charged pulse cannon location

You’ll need to find and destroy the reactors in Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Shrouded Sub Station Bravo. One of them is to the northwest of the Ark, the other to the southwest. Go there, deal with the enemies and blow up the reactors. Once you’re done, simply walk back to the Ark, enter and grab your new weapon.

The charged pulse cannon is like a machine gun – it’s got a lot of recoil, but it makes up by having a high rate of fire. It spews bullets coated in plasma, and it radiates heat as you use it. When it overheats, the damage you do increases, but you have to watch out not to overdo it. You can use the alt fire mode to cool it down and control the temperature. After some practice, you’ll be able to keep it at that sweet spot nearly all the time, which makes it a lot better than it might seem at first.

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