Red Dead Online Plagued by Piles of Dead, Skinned Horses

To the surprise and probably terror of players, mounds of skinned horses have started popping up in Red Dead Online. This is on top of some other issues that the new patch has caused. It seems that it is just a glitch, in the end, but it is really… well, unusual.

Red Dead Online Plagued by Piles of Dead, Skinned Horses
Red Dead Online Plagued by Piles of Dead, Skinned Horses (image via Reddit)

The newest patch for Red Dead Online has some… teething problems, shall we say. For example, it has been causing quite a bit of crashes. But, those sorts of things do sometimes happen, and that’s fine. What does not happen often, however, is for terrifying piles of skinned horses to start appearing, seemingly randomly. That is absolutely not something one sees every day. And yet, that’s exactly what’s been happening in Red Dead Online, as reported by the likes of Reddit user bencar02.

Naturally, this has caused a lot of head-scratching and theories about what this means. True, most people assumed that this was a glitch, as bizarre and borderline Lovecraftian it is. However, as another Redditor N8-97 pointed out, there was a weird, actual example of something like this happening in the Wild West. Apparently, some dude called Charles Winchester killed thirty horses and piled them up as some sort of twisted revenge at another man who stole the necklace of his dead wife. The Wild West was fun like that.

However, we finally have some sort of closure for this situation. Polygon has reported on an update coming from Rockstar themselves. Apparently, they got an email from a representative stating simply “that’s been fixed.” So, it would seem like the ghoulish mounds were, indeed, a result of the general wonkiness of the new patch. What kind of error causes flayed horses to appear in droves, I could not tell you. This is some creepypasta fodder.

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