Rage 2 Weapon Core Mod Locations

Weapon Core Mods in Rage 2 are items necessary to equip mods and thereby upgrade your weapons. The Rage 2 Weapon Core Mods are strewn all across the game, and they drop pretty much exclusively from Ark Chests. So, you want to hunt down those Weapon Core Mods Ark Chests in Rage 2. With all that said, here’s our Rage 2 Weapon Core Mod Locations guide to show you where to find Ark Chests containing the weapon core mods in Rage 2.

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Rage 2 Weapon Core Mod Locations
Rage 2 Weapon Core Mod Locations

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll keep updating it with further info as we explore the game.

Where to Find Weapon Core Mod Ark Chests in Rage 2?

To find Weapon Core Mods in Rage 2, you’re going to have to open Ark Chests strewn across the wasteland, in bunkers and bandit dens, etc. However, not all Ark Chests drop weapon core mods. One Ark Chest that has a Weapon Core Mod is in Shrouded Sub Station Bravo, which is in the southeast of the Dune Sea region. After you kill everything in front of the station, go inside when the doors open. Take the path on the right, and walk into the locker room. Hang a left and head over to the small staircase on the right. The Ark Chest is immediately next to the stairs, and drops two Weapon Core Mods.

Next up, we’re heading to the Shrouded Vault Ark, to the northeast of our previous location. When you go down the elevator and push a bit further on, you’ll come across a huge catwalk, with the Ark in the center. You can complete the Ark first, if you want. Then, take the path on the right. A little way down said path, you’ll come across a few really big containers. The first Ark Chest is next to the container on the left, and drops one core mod.

From there, keep pushing down this road, and you’ll come back to the platform where the Ark is, as the path leads in a circle. Descend down the stairs and head through the doorway more or less directly in front of you. The Ark Chest is right beneath the stairs, and you’ll get three weapon core mods from it.

The next Ark Chest with a Weapon Core Mod is Ecopod – Broken Tract. On the map, you might just see it as a question mark northeast of the Yeoman Growery bandit den. When you get there, you’ll spot a huge… thing on top of a hill. Hop over to the top. We found two different Ark Chests up there. One has Auto Parts, and the other drops one Weapon Core Mod. That one is on the northwest slope of the hill.

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