Rage 2 Firestorm Revolver Location - How to Get

Firestorm revolver is one of the weapons in Rage 2. It’s a pistol that shoots combustible rounds. Using primary fire will shoot regular old bullets, but using alt fire afterwards will set the targets you’ve hit on fire. If you’re wondering how to get it, our Rage 2 Firestorm Revolver location guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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rage 2 firestorm revolver how to get
Rage 2 Firestorm Revolver Location – How to Get

Where to find Firestorm Revolver?

Like almost all other weapons in this game, the Firestorm Revolver is hidden in an Ark. This time, it’s Ark 410b, also know as Dank Catacomb Ark. Which is kinda funny, since it’s not actually underground. It’s in the middle of a settlement in the northern part of the Sekreto Wetlands area (the far west of the map). You’ll need to clear a group of enemies in front of the pod before you can open it and get the weapon.

It’s a pretty versatile weapon, one that’s pretty useful at short to medium range. The damage is so-so, but if your aim is true it’ll work nicely. The crowd control provided by the flames is a nice extra, but if you’re having trouble with a group, you’re probably better off using a shotgun or something. If you’re willing to invest into it, you’ll get better reload speed, a larger magazine, a bigger blast radius, seeking bullets and increased rate of fire.

If you’ve already collected all the other guns, you’ll probably still want to check out the remaining arks, as well as ark chests. They contain great loot, which includes weapon mod cores, nanotrite boosters and other great stuff. Pretty much the only thing you can’t get from them are the vehicles, but they’re pretty common as is. If you’re having trouble finding a specific vehicle, be sure to check out our vehicle locations guide.

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